100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 10

100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 9
November 10, 2013
How Personal Development Affects an Entrepreneur’s Business
November 11, 2013

100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 10

100 More Ways to Increase Sales
For Your Business! 
Part 10 of 10

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  1. Join the online community built around your industry
Look for a community of sites within your industry that have linked together for the good of all. Once you find them see if you can join the community and establish a good relationship with them by communicating with them. This community can be a platform for exchange of ideas and inspiration to improve your business to increase more sales.
  1. Hire Students
Tie salaries to grade point average for high school and college students you hire. Give a progressive bonus if the student excels in the classroom. In most cases you will find more responsible disciplined workers who will enhance your business.
  1. Respect your customers’ time
Try as much as possible to start off with emailing your customer. When that doesn’t get you a response, send a fax over. If that also doesn’t work, give them a call. However, use this as the last resort because customers are busy too and their time is valuable. Be patient and wait for their responses.
  1. Special Customers
Make frequent personal calls to five of your best customers and offer them a special deal that is only for them and only today. They may not buy but we all like to know we can get something special that someone else can’t.
  1. Motto
A catchy slogan or motto can be a powerful advertising message. “When you care enough to send the very best” – Hallmark has used this motto for years and it has made sending Hallmark cards a measure of how important the card recipient is.
  1. Create a bulk mailing package
Five or ten businesses near your area would be willing to send yourpostcard together with their packages by bulk mail and share the mailing cost with you.
  1. Business forecasting
Having been in business for some time, you would have some idea of what to expect in the next year. Use the experiences and information from this ending year to plan for next year. However do keep in mind that business forecasting is like weather forecasting, you can’t expect 100% accuracy in the forecast.
  1. Five and Ten Philosophy
Every business day try to contact ten new customers or clients. From the 10, get at least 5 referrals of other potential customers to contact. You will never run out of potential customers.
  1. Help groom and mentor the youth
University undergraduates studying business have frequent projects where they need to partner with real businesses. The youth bring new ideas and perspective which can potentially increase sales and better your business after you take those fresh concepts and refine it toprofessional standards. It is a win-win-win situation, 1) the students complete their project and learn under your mentorship, 2) your business has a fresh perspective and potential of further growth, and 3) you can offer these students a career opportunity when they graduate if you think they are competent enough.
  1. Sponsorship
Your company can provide sponsorships to various groups to get involved in the community. One example is to sponsor a local sports team. Your customer base can be increased by people related to the sports team, i.e. family and friends of the players. Furthermore, your company name and brand can be actively promoted by being printed on the jerseys, collaterals etc of the sports team.

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