100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 6

100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 1
November 8, 2013
100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 2
November 8, 2013

100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 6

100 More Ways to Increase Sales
For Your Business! 
Part 6 of 10
  1. Increase the frequency of ads shown  

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Often, companies with a limited advertising budget would choose to create larger, more visible ads that restrict them to advertise less frequently. However, a more effective way is to run more frequently with smaller ads even though they may appear less visible. The reason is because most people typically don’t respond to ads the first time they see them. Prospects may need to see the ad a number of times before they take action.
  1. Know the deciding factor
People tend to react emotionally when making decisions. However, they like to believe that their decision was made based on rational thinking. So when presenting your offer, a smart marketer will first include the emotional motivator that wins the customer over and also encompass the rationality element to satisfy the customer’s need torationalize.
  1. Observe and learn from business outside your industry
Look outside your industry for the best business examples. It isn’t enough for you to only measure yourself against your competition because you’ll only be as good as or a little better than they are. However, your customers are experiencing good customer service, quality billing systems in industries outside yours and they are unknowingly pitting your company delivery against those benchmarks as well.
  1. Working the “willing suspension of disbelief”
People are choosing to buy from other people rather than from faceless corporations. Even though these people might not exist, having a human face for the company beats having just a company brand name.
  1. Recognizing the 2nd order
The most important order you ever get from a customer is the second order because a two-time buyer is twice as likely to buy again as a one-time buyer.
  1. Use the upper left
Eye maps have shown that the first thing you look when reading anarticle, catalogue or any reading material online or offline for that matter, your eye will rest first at the upper left hand corner of the spread. That’s the place you can place your best seller. If your best seller is not an eye catching product or service, use an eye catching visual on the upper left and direct your reader to your actual ad elsewhere on the spread.
  1. Write to one, reach out to many
Address your promotional, marketing materials or sales letters to one individual and write copy based on that person. Write in such a way as though you were sitting down and having a conversation with that person about your business.
  1. Just-in-time marketing
Always be ready to receive your customer with what you customer wants. This is crucial because people have become spoiled by 24-hour, seven-day-a-week customized products and services.
  1. Maintain good publicity
In this day and age of the internet, bad publicity can spiral totally out of control and spread like wildfire. Hence, ensure that you maintain a clean and good image by treating all your customers with integrity.  
  1. Focus on the smaller market
Trends can propel your business to great heights. However, it is sometimes better to focus on the smaller market while everybody else is hankering after the bigger trend.

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