100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 9

100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 8
November 9, 2013
100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 10
November 10, 2013

100 Ways to Increase More Sales For Your Business! Part 9

100 More Ways to Increase Sales
For Your Business! 
Part 9 of 10

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  1. Make your website address known everywhere
Make sure that your Web site address is be on every piece of promotion or marketing material your customer will see. Business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, ads, signs, delivery vehicles etc.
  1. Animate your ad
Animated ads generate click-through rates at least 15% higher than static ads, and in some cases as much as 40% higher.
  1. Copyright
Include ( © 1998 Your Name ) on all your Web pages. Not only will this protect you if someone else decides to download your content and use them on their site, this also builds credibility for your company. Copyrighted material tells the reader that the content is original and cannot be found on any other site.
  1. Search Engines
Notify the search engines to publicize your website by registering your Web site with as many search engines as possible. Submit-It at www.submit-it.com gives free registration to many websites. Or you can use a service like this: http://searchenginesubmitter.com/cb/
  1. T’s and C’s
Spell out the legal positions that your site has in your terms and conditions. For example, you may want to notify customers about your site security if you are using credit cards – what actions are you liable for and what are the risks the customer takes. Terms and conditions also act as a credibility factor to increase your customers’ trust in you.
  1. Ask your visitors to sign your Guest Book
These are the reasons why you should get your visitors to sign your guest book. Firstly, by signing your guest book, you can track the demographics of your hits. If you know the demographics of visitors to your site, you can pitch to other potential advertisers interested in advertising on your site using this information. The guest book also helps you to keep track of frequent customers and big spenders. You can eventually ask whether you could e-mail them with any special sales or promotions you have planned.
  1. Frequently update your site
Update your site weekly or if possible daily so that traffic will continue flowing to your site. People return as repeated visitors to a site because of new information.
  1. Buy ad spaces on other people’s website
Monitor the website which you want to place ads on for about a month. Look out for how often the site is updated and whether they offer some new content frequently. After which if your observations conclude that your ad will be effective, contact the webmaster to place an ad or banner on their website. Check out this advertising course: http://www.freeadvertisingacademy.com/
  1. Contact On-Line Publications
Find your industry publications and whether they have an online presence. Check that they publish content online on your business or industry and contact them via email about your website.
  1. Associate with holidays and Special Occasions
Adapt your website page to reflect what’s going on in the world. On special holidays or occasions such as Christmas time, decorate your web sitejust like you would decorate your own storefront.

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Iron Dane Richards
Iron Dane Richards
Iron Dane Richards - Banker Turned Business Coach and Internet Marketing Coach helping clients reach their financial goals. Author of over 20 books on credit development and finance.

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