Accelerated Business Credit Series

Accelerated Business Tactics Series

is designed as a business credit and operations system to achieve maximum credit and objectively documenting different aspects of business operations not found in software.accelerated business credit, building business credit

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This book is based on our Advanced Business Credit Tactics Series with modifications for future business finance planning.

Accelerated Business Tactics Series: Credit Engineering Vol 1 – 2014

Learn the Insider Secrets from the industry leader in business credit coaching and banking Iron Dane Richards.

Chapters Cover:
Company Business Structures, Legal Entities, Nevada Companies, Wyoming Companies, New Mexico Companies, Colorado Companies,
Beginning the Credit Building System, How to Buy Aged Or Shelf Companies at a Discount,
Dunn & Bradstreet – Paydex, Rating & Score,
Initial Credit Building for Each Company,
Golden Rules for Business Credit Building,
Credit Building Core Accounts,

Credit and Vendor Funding Sources – Over 300 New and Verified Lenders added with Contact Names, Numbers and personal email addresses, and lending criteria!

Credit Building Plan to $1,000,000

Credit Reporting Agencies!
Advanced Options: Business Trust Deposit Loans, Leased Bank Instruments, How to Make your own B2B Loan Guarantees.

This is a complete comprehensive credit building volume that is used in the ISG Business Tactics Seminars!

We also offer companion journals for use in concert with this volume along with our business credit seminars.


Accelerated Business Tactics Vol 2: LLC Journalaccelerated business credit, business credit

8.5″ x 11″  Softcover  – 322 pages  ISBN-13: 978-1492258278 – ISBN-10: 149225827X   – Suggested Retail  $147  – on Sale $37!

Accelerated Business Tactics Vol2:  LLC   Companion Journal – Only $37 

Designed to work in Concert with the Accelerated Business Tactics Vol1 Systematic Credit Engineering Guide

Operating Your LLC with an easy to use workbook format.
Covering the key aspects of formation, operation, marketing, sales, credit development and reporting.

Your Company Information

… LLC Information Sheet
… LLC Single Member Operating Agreement
… Minutes of Organizational Meeting for LLC
… Capital Contribution of Members

Plus chapters and data entry sections described below Vol 3 description


Accelerated Business Tactics Vol 3

is a Comprehensive Journal for your C-Corporation presented in an easy to use workbook format. This journal immediately begins with the right busi
ness habits of documentation of your business operations with the necessary and easy to use forms. This workbook can be kept in the corporate records and validates your companies compliance with minutes of meetings and reports to board of directors.accelerated business credit, business credit

8.5″ x 11″ Softcover – 298 pages  – ISBN-13: 978-1492261193 – ISBN-10: 149226119X   –  Suggested Retail $147

Order Accelerated Business Tactics Vol 3 – C Corporation Companion Journal – only $37

With over 30 years of business management, consulting and coaching experience Iron Dane Richards has created this comprehensive guide to assist you in your business planning and record keeping.Have you prepared everything from the business structure to business planning? This journal workbook can help you organize your business operation for the first critical year or years thereafter. This is a 12 month working journal with entries for your company formation, business planning, forecasting, marketing, business credit development, internet presence, along with evaluating each months performance by creating a report to the board or directors of your C Corporation abnd likewise a report from the Board of Directors back to the management team and shareholders. Covering the key aspects of formation, operation, marketing, sales, credit development and reporting.

Your Company Information

… Corporate Information Sheet
… Corporate ByLaws

Plus chapters and data entry sections described below Vol 3 description

Accelerated Business Tactics Journals are for either a C-Corporation or LLC and both journals include:

Chapters and Working Data Entry Areas:

Business Plan Data Entry Section
… Executive Summary

… Business Details
… Products and Services
… Business Structure
… PP& E
… Information Systems
… Insurance
… Goals, Achievements & Strategies
… Marketing
… Sales Goals
… Customer Management & Retention
… Pricing Strategies
… Competitive Overview
… Target Market
… The Competition

Credit Operations and Building
… Credit Building Core Accounts
… Funding Submissions s
… Credit & Vendor Contact List

Entries for each 12 months
… Forecasting
… Operating Goals
… Marketing
… Sales
… Credit Development
… Forecasts vs Actual Performance Analysis
… Report to Board of Directors / Members
… Minutes of Meeting